AROMA DOME®                                            

Experience a serene, nurturing targeted breathing session under the AromaDome®. The breath and breathing are the focal points of an AromaDome® session. It is a private, comfortable, calm inhalation experience coupling concentrated but gentle diffusion of targeted Young Living Essential Oils with focused and intentional breathing. The broad range of benefits include building the immune function, detoxifying the body, supporting proper breathing; releasing stress, negative emotions and moods; and embracing calm and relaxation, mental clarity and focus. Your tailored session begins with a determined amount of time you will spend under the AromaDome® (2-30 minutes) and includes your choice of Young Living Essential Oils based upon your targeted intention. You may benefit from having a series of targeted sessions.

  30MIN (20 under the Dome) $45          40MIN (30 under the Dome) $55 


 The better way to choose nutritional supplements in essential oils. Which products will help support your wellness goals? Find out through bio-communication using the ZYTO Compass Bio-Scan. The ZYTO Compass surveys 76 biomarkers, reports how many are out of range and the specific/targeted Young Living Essential Oils and infused supplements that will bring them back into range. It’s fast, easy and amazingly accurate!


Bonita W. Shelby, CCA

Bonita embraced clinical aromatherapy while healing from breast cancer and became a Certified Clinical Aroma Therapist (CCA) through the international Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy. So impressed with the amazing results she and others all over the world were experiencing with clinical aromatherapy, Bonita made a bold, mid-life career change and has been a practitioner for over a decade.