CASTOR OIL PACKS                                 

A Castor Oil Pack is made by soaking flannel cloth in castor oil, placing it on the skin and heating the pack using a heating pad, hot water bottle or hot towels which can hold its heat for a prolonged period of time. Castor Oil Packs are known to enhance circulation and promote the healing of tissue underneath the skin. It can be placed on the abdomen, lower back, specific joints or any other areas of concern. During the treatment, the client lies comfortably on the massage table, while the therapist first dry brushes the area to increase lymphatic circulation and then places the castor oil pack on the area of concern.

Castor oil has been used historically for promoting liver function and related health benefits such as digestive/colon health, hormonal health and skin health. It is also known to help relieve pain and reduce inflammation in any area of the body and has hence been used for arthritic and low back support. Castor oil is also strongly antimicrobial, promotes lymphocyte (immune cells) production and stimulates lymphatic circulation, thereby being effective for immune health support. It is also used for menstrual cramping and uterine/ovarian cysts.