Homeopathy was formulated in the 18th century by Samuel Hahnemann. It is based on older forms of western healing which work on the energy body of the individual. When we get sick our vital energy is affected. The symptoms we manifest such as pain or fever are a sign that the vital energy is trying to correct itself. The homeopathic practitioner works prescribes remedies that work with the flow of the vital force to bring about balance and healing. The main principle in homeopathy is “let likes cure likes”. Instead of going against the wisdom of the body by finding a substance that goes against the fever, the homeopath uses a remedy that actually brings about a fever. The remedies are perfectly safe because they are highly diluted. Being out of range of chemical/ pharmacological action they just act on the energy body and the natural intelligence that directs those energies. The individual is then able to heal themselves. 

PRINCIPLES OF HOMEOPATHY                                                                                   BENEFITS

  • Like cures Like
    When the pattern of a healing substance is received                                           Allergies
    by the organism and it matches the                                                                  
    dis-eased pattern then healinG power
    is released,and the problem loses its hold on the individual.                                Musculo skeletal disorders

  • Treatment is individualized:                                                                                   Hormonal imbalance
    Everyone manifests problems differently
    according to their constitution and history.                                                             Nervous disorders
    Even though two people are suffering from the same                                                 
    malady they need different remedies.                                                                    ADD / ADHD

  • The whole person is treated:                                                                                 Hair & Skin disorders
    We just don’t treat the problem
    in a part of the body, but the whole                                                                        Depression / Anxiety
    including the mental-emotional life.

  • Cure proceeds from the top down:                                                                         Immune deficiency
    The individual will start to feel better first from                             
    the top of the body moving down the body.                                                            Digestive

  • Symptoms leave in a reverse order than their inception: 
    The last symptoms to appear are the first to go.
    Homeopathy can treat a wide range of health issues
    from everyday acute problems to chronic imbalances.


This is a complete natural health assessment conducted by a certified homeopathic practitioner. A detailed case taking is done, first focusing on the main complaint and then one’s constitutional patterns. Nutritional styles are also evaluated and some supplements are recommended. Homeopathic remedies for acute, chronic and constitutional layers are recommended with instructions.

Initial Consultation (2 hours) - $235.00 · Follow-up visits (60/90 minutes) - $115.00/$165.00 · Acute Case Consult (1 hour) - $115.00


Dr. Dornaz Amini, Homeopath

Dr. Amini is a board certified classic homeopathic doctor and natural healthcare practitioner. She also utilizes principles of functional medicine in her practice. Dr. Amini combines up-to-date, evidence-based science with age-old medicine and treats a wide spectrum of acute and chronic conditions. She treats both adults and pediatrics with mental and physical conditions.