Winter Wellness Renewal

At Paris Alexander Day Spa, we encourage your commitment to beauty and wellness this year with special prices on homeopathy, steam therapy, reflexology and more!



A holistic and natural approach to the treatment of the patient where the focus is on the person as a whole, rather than merely on a diseased organ. By addressing all mental, emotional and physical symptoms of the patient; their genetics and dispositions; as well as environmental and social factors, homeopathy identifies both excess and deficiencies and helps with rebalancing and healing. A certified practitioner conducts a detailed health assessment, evaluates nutritional styles and recommends supplements. Homeopathic remedies for acute, chronic and constitutional layers are recommended with instructions.

2-hour Initial Consult

$235.00 value for only $210.00!

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Reflexology Detox Combo

Strengthen your immune system and boost lymphatic circulation with the dual detoxifying treatment of a dry body brushing and a hot castor oil pack application on targeted areas of your body. Afterwards, a foot reflexology session addresses health imbalances that result from prolonged stress and circulatory stagnation.

90-minute Dry Brush, Castor Oil Pack, Reflexology

$205.00 value for only $175.00!

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Steam Massage

Beginning your massage with a herbal steam loosens muscle tissue and detoxifies the body. This treatment includes a face and scalp massage while you relax under our steam canopy.

60 minutes

$105.00 value for only $90.00!

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75 minutes

$125.00 value for only $110.00!

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Steam Therapy for Purification and Detoxification

There is a limit to the amount of toxins our bodies are able to excrete. Studies show that when the limit is exceeded, our bodies begin to store hundreds of these chemical residues in the fat cells. You can accelerate the detoxification of the body and lymphatic system by undergoing this 90 minute treatment for 3-7 consecutive days every 3 months or every season.

90 minutes

$150.00 value for only $135.00!
Series of 3 $360 ($90 savings!)

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Lemondrop Body Bliss

Bring your body into balance through the ancient practice of oil pulling. Our blend of organic coldpressed coconut oil enhanced with lemon myrtle essential oil-rich in anti-bacterial agents, draws out impurities and nourishes the skin. Using products infused with this holistic blend your body treatment begins with a gentle full body exfoliation, followed by a shoulder to toe application of warm pulling oil. You are then wrapped cocoon style in a warming blanket to activate absorption and stimulate detoxification. After a hot towel wipe down a blissful shea butter massage seals in the benefits.

90 minutes

$190.00 value for only $170.00!

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