Protocol for Specialized Steam Therapies


Your path to wellness begins with a massage using aromatherapy and botanical infused oils to improve circulation, increase metabolism, and stimulate the lymphatic system.  Following the massage, an organic detoxifying mud mask will be applied to absorb and neutralize stored toxins.

 A steam canopy (The Steamy Wonder®) then is placed over you, covering the body from the neck down.  As you relax in the herb-infused steam heat, the pores open up and millions of sweat glands start to excrete, ridding your body of metabolic and other waste products.  

 After a scalp and facial massage, cold compresses will be applied to neck and forehead to keep your head cool and comfortable while your body detoxifies. 


 Following the steam, a massage – with emphasis on your lymphatic pathways – will use circulation and lymph oils to continue the detoxification process and enhance your immune system. Your session is finished by sealing in all that moisture with shea butter.

To achieve maximum benefit from the treatment, do not shower for 2 hours after your session, allowing your body to continue to detoxify.  Bring a change of clothing to wear home, as a slight residue may remain on your skin.


Purification and Detoxification Treatment

There is a limit to the amount of toxins our bodies are able to excrete.  Studies show that when the limit is exceeded, our bodies begin to store hundreds of these chemical residues in the fat cells.  You can accelerate the detoxification of the body and lymphatic system by undergoing this 90 minute treatment for 3-7 consecutive days every 3 months or every season.

1 treatment      $150

3 treatments    $360

 Weight Loss/Cellulite Reduction Treatment

A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 grams of sweat in a sauna – the equivalent of running 3-4 miles, or 475-600 calories.  While the weight of the water loss is regained by rehydration, the calories burned  are not. 

Boost your metabolism as well as lose weight, inches, cellulite and excess body fat by undergoing this treatment twice a week for 4 weeks. Ideally, this 90-minute treatment should be preceded by a 3-day Purification and Detox Treatment.    

1 treatment      $150               

8 treatments    $960

 Sore Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Treatment

 Moist heat is very therapeutic for both sore joint and muscles.  The products used in this treatment are suitable for general soreness caused by lack of exercise or too much exercise, as well as caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia.  This treatment reduces pain and inflammation.  For best results, undergo this 90-minute treatment twice a week for 4 weeks.  Ideally, this 90-minute treatment should be preceded by a 3-day Purification and Detox Treatment.    

1 treatment      $150               

8 treatments    $960