Experience the Healing Power of Steam


Healing through steam therapy has been used by traditional cultures around the world since ancient times.  As your partner in beauty and wellness, Paris Alexander Day Spa enables you to practice this longstanding holistic tradition under the comfort and privacy of a modern, personal-use steam canopy. 



We offer 3 Organic Specialized Therapies


Purification and Detoxification

Weight Loss/Cellulite Reduction

Sore Joint and Muscle Pain Relief


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Benefits experienced by users of steam canopies include

Relief from pain and/or swelling caused by arthritis and fibromyalgia
 Relief of symptoms from allergies
Improved circulation
Improved skin tone and appearance                       
Bright, clear eyes
Improved sleep
Relief from sinus and lung congestion
Reduction in the number of headaches
Stress relief
Elimination of muscular pain
Weight loss
Elimination of puffiness in the body
Fewer colds

Increased alertness and energy!


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